Rental FAQ's

  1. I found a photo booth on Groupon that will do my whole event for $300.
    We need to warn you. In 2012, we saved 25 weddings from photo booths that where found a Groupon. Many times, these are individuals who are having trouble renting out the ONE photo booth that they purchase, so they rely on Groupon to sell their product. They sell a lot of events through Groupon, however they always run into more problems since they only have one booth. They either cannot fulfill your request because they have already rented the booth to someone else, or they will reserve your booth and cancel if another higher paying event comes around. Many of these are scams anyway. Just saying...

  2. I would like to go about booking a Viral Booth for an event. What is the next process?
    The first step in booking a Viral Booth is reserving the date. All you need to say is “I'm in”, and we will guide you through the rest of the process! To save the date, we require a $300 deposit. We will then follow up with you a month prior to the event to finalize the details of the event. The remaining balance would be due 14 days before your event.

  3. How many photo booths do you have?
    As opposed to many individuals who buy one photo booth and do this as a side job, our full time staff takes pride in our providing the best service for our clients. We at Viral Booth have created our own innovative software and manufacture several booths that are available for rental. We love what we do and it shows.

  4. Why should I rent a Viral Booth?
    1. With no photographer in sight, your guests feel free to get creative, goofy and even a little crazy.
    2. We can personalize every photo strip with a customized logo. Your name and wedding date can be added to remind them how much fun they had!
    3. Your guests get a fun favor they'll actually want to keep – and share.
    4. Photo booths are great way for guests to have fun together off the dance floor.
    5. Our prop box of silly hats, glasses and boas brings out the kid in everyone.
    6. You can have a one-of-a-kind photo scrapbook that goes beyond boring autographs and standard greetings.
    7. We not only save all your photos/videos on a flash so you can enjoy, print, and share your photo strips, but they are instantly uploaded to our online gallery for you to see anytime!
    8. Kids love it. And so does Grandma!
    9. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
    10. It's fun!

  5. My special day needs to be flawless. How do you ensure high quality service and product?
    This is EXACTLY why we find it important to set the standard in this industry. There is absolutely no room for error when it comes to your wedding day. Every time an event is booked, we triple check our unit to make sure it is running properly and that it is fully stocked on ink and paper. We also have an emergency back-up kit to replace almost any part of the unit that could break or go missing during an event. On top of careful inventory, we also have a specially trained photo booth technician to replace ink and paper and assist in any needs your guests may need concerning the Viral Booth.

  6. Are there limitations to which venues allow/don't allow photo booths?
    We have heard that there are some venues that will not allow photo booths to be operated. However, we have worked with numerous venues that had the same regulations. Let us talk to the venue to and show them the level of service we provide and they will most likely change their minds! Many times, if they have had a bad experience with other photo booth operators, they may be hesitant to referring their clients. They don’t want you to be mad at them if the photo booth operator doesn’t show up. We would never do that.

  7. How long should I rent the photo booth for?
    Every event varies. We find that is tacky to setup or breakdown the photo booth while guests are watching. We have booked countless types of events and can give you our expert opinion. For examples, we have our Gold package made specifically for weddings that includes everything you could possibly want for your wedding. Feel free to give us a call and ask our opinion.

  8. Do you charge for setup, delivery, or breakdown?
    NO, NO, NO. We can’t believe that companies do this. This is all part of our professional service. We want to make sure that your guests do not see us setting up or breaking down. It just looks tacky.

  9. Do we get a copy of all the photos and videos?
    Yes. Directly after the event, you will be given a flash drive with all of the photos and videos from inside the booth.

  10. I am getting married out of state, but still want to use Viral Booth.
    Great! Viral booth is in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. CLICK HERE to see which Viral Booth owner is the closest to you.

  11. How is the picture quality?
    Viral Booth uses the best camera and printers on the market.

  12. How fast do the pictures print out?
    Really fast! Your photos will come on in a matter of seconds after hitting the print button.

  13. Does Viral Booth only print out photo strips or can you customize the layout of the prints?
    You are able to choose from a variety of photo layouts. You can choose traditional photo strips, or 4” x 6” portraits. Let us know what you are interested in and we will show you the layouts.

  14. Will anyone who visits be able to see the photos/videos from my event?
    We can password-protect your gallery if you wish. All of your guests will be given the password. You may also give the password to your friends and family who were not able to attend your event. They will be able to view all of the photos and videos in real time.

  15. Do you save my Facebook/Twitter information?
    No. We will never save your passwords. That would be wrong.

  16. Do you just do weddings?
    No, we do every kind of event you can think of.

  17. What other kinds of events do you do?
    You name it, we’ve done it. In fact, we have even participated in a memorial service. Now, we didn’t bring props and do goofy photos, but the guests of the event were able to leave video condolences to the widower. She loved it and we were happy to be a part of it.

  18. Is Viral Booth an active participant in serving the community?
    Yes. Since its foundation, Viral Booth was molded around two basic principles: always providing the best service to our customers, and giving back to the community that has blessed us with a steady clientele. We are currently working with over 20 different charities and the success of these campaigns has been outstanding. We also donate 10% of business referred to us back to charity.

  19. Is there another photo booth company that does Facebook too?
    We have started to notice that companies are trying to replicate Viral Booth. This is a huge compliment. Thank you! However, we have also noticed that they have taken short cuts in order to release their product to the market. The software still does not offer the features that ViralBooth has perfected, and it will take them quite some time to catch up. We have created a much more interactive software, in which social media posts from a Viral Booth can be shared instantly.