Rental Testimonials

  1. “All of our friends and family had a great time with Viral Booth.  Our attendant was very fun and professional.  He arrived early and was ready to go when my guests walked in the room.”

  2. “What a cool way to share photos and videos!”

  3. “I always wondered what happened to the photos I took in other photo booths.  Where did they go?  With Viral Booth, I know where they are and I love sharing them with friends and family.”

  4. “Who needs regular photo booths anymore?  This is a step into the new generation of photo booths.”

  5. “I have a ton of fun viewing photos and videos from Viral Booths around the world.”

  6. “I love the option of private, password protected galleries.  I don’t want the whole world to see my birthday party.  Thank you Viral Booth for making my birthday party extra special.”

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, corporate parties, holiday parties, and many more special events.